Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Yard Sales Dreams

I have not been to a yard sale in a couple of weeks!! No other reason than that there have not been any! What is going on?? Are yard sales going away?? Am I just going to have to go to sleep at night dreaming of past yard sales and my treasures that I have found. I am planning on have one myself, but I feel that I will be ostrasized in my community because ,I guess, we are not supposed to have them anymore. Or maybe ,what I am hoping, is that everyone will see me having one and it will make them remember that there are things called yard sales and the whole town will start having them.
Who KNows??

Monday, July 30, 2007

Why We Go To Garage Sales

Every Thursday we read the local rag which has the local yard sale listings and the Twin Falls newspaper which covers the general area. Thus armed, we take off Friday morning and visit yard sales within about a 20 miles radius. We do the same thing on Saturday.

Damn the high gasoline prices, full speed ahead! Sometimes we wonder from Hagerman to Twin Falls.

Why do we do this?

Because we live in a small Idaho town where the closest thing to finding something interesting to do is to go to the town park and watch the kids try to kill themselves on their skateboards.

Actually, we got into the yard-sale habit in Payson Arizona where we lived for six years after I retired. Payson was almost as interesting as our Idaho town.

In Payson, I mainly purchased books. I had about 6000 when I left there. I was selling them on the Internet at Amazon.com and at Alibris.com.

I “sold” the business when I left Arizona and, because I’m too lazy, I have not started the business again in Idaho. (I’ve switched to direct mail where I make what is called “very little” or “indecent” money.) However, we still have a garage full of other stuff we bought at Arizona garage sales.

So, what do we get by going to yard sales? Nothing much, but here is my list:

1. My wife can find a doll to go with her other zillion dolls. She can buy clothing for her dolls too. She can chat about the dolls with the other garage-salers.

2. She also can do the same thing with the cuddly little bears.

3. I can look for tiny birds to put into the 6-foot tall bird cage I bought at another yard sale. The cage came in a fairly small box. The instructions were in some language of the Far East. I think the thing may have come from India. There were some instructions but I had to look at the pictures because I don’t read Far East English. Well, I had the thing together in no time at all (about a zillion hours). It turned out to be a real bird cage. I thought the cage would hold a lot of bird poop so I decided on phony birds (which are not that easy to find).

4. I can buy little items to put with my South American collection which is on a long table in our foyer. There are some wood carvings I bought in South America plus some gifts and some other carvings I’ve purchased here and there. I tried to find a suitable cloth for my long foyer table. I ended up buying it at Target® on the Internet (they let me use my Amazon account).

5. I also can buy wooden animal carvings which I like. To this I might add that we buy anything we think is cute.

6. I buy some tools, which I will never use and other odds and ends that I also have no use for. These will be sold at our future yard sale when we hope to clear enough junk out of our garage so that we can actually get at least one car in there. (Did I tell you about the great “authentic” English pub dart set and target we got at a farm a couple of weeks ago for under $25.00? I place it right up there with the $300.00 Mah Jong set we got in Arizona.)

7. The main reason we go yard sale-ing is to chat with strangers, many of which have become friends. Also, it is a great place to practice my Spanish. Yard sales is where the local immigrants purchase clothing for their kids and anything that looks like it could be sold on EBay.

We are not what are called “early birds.” They are the ones who want to get ahead of everybody else. They are usually sellers. Some of these have a perpetual yard sale in their front yard. Others sell on EBay. Still others just like to buy stuff before anyone else can get their mitts on it.

The early birds are not of our social class. They are the untouchables because they’ve gone before we ever get there.

Some sellers actually cater to them! Can you believe it?

P.S. We’ve heard that if you go to a yard sale up in Sun Valley that you can get a pair of $250,00 fine leather men’s shoes for $1.00. We haven’t made it up that far yet but we would only pay $0.50. We never pay full price.

John T. Jones, Ph.D. (tjbooks@hotmail.com), a retired VP of R&D for Lenox China, is author of detective & western novels, nonfiction (business, scientific, engineering, humor), poetry, etc. Former editor of Ceramic Industry Magazine. He is Executive Representative of IWS sellers of Tyler Hicks wealth-success books and kits. He also sells TopFlight flagpoles. He calls himself "Taylor Jones, the hack writer."

More info: http://www.tjbooks.com

Business web site: http://www.aaaflagpoles.com

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Blah Yard Sales

I just now have been able to update my blog. I went to a few yard sales this past saturday and they just had NOTHING!! I went to one where I got some baby toys and a Elmo in Grinchland VHS Movie and spent only 3.00!
I guess that is the good thing about yard sales being horrible - I AM NOT SPENDING ANY MONEY!

How have your yard sales hunting days been????

I hoped to get some school clothes for my kids this summer. No one has had any good clothes. Last year I did most of the school shopping on ebay and at yard sales. My 2 kids got all name brand expensive clothing. Abercrombie, Aeropostale, and the like. I even got my daughter a pair of Diesel shoes for 1.00!!!

Oh well I guess in the next couple of weeks I will have to actually take off to Louisville and do school shopping and spend a ton of money and not get very much. Last year they had so many clothes and I spent barely 200.00!!

I will spend alot more than that this year! Plus they will get less. Oh well.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

How to Set Up Your Own Garage Sale

You probably have a lot of things at home which you actually have no more room for. These are clutters - secondhand, worn or discarded articles such as old books, toys, shoes, bags, clothes, records, electrical appliances (still functioning of course; just been retired in favor of newer models), baby items, and even antiques. Although these are mere junks, they can make you earn a few bucks when gathered and offered in a garage sale.

My sister and I had some fun one Sunday morning seeing all the "goods" we put up in our own garage sale picked up and bought one by one by people who rushed in and competed with each other for every piece right after we opened our gate. It didn't matter to these buyers if our merchandise had some little defects on them; they simply went like crazy warding each other off for possession of an enticingly-priced piece. In less than a couple of hours, only a few pieces were left. And at the end of that fun-filled "activity", there was a modest amount for my sister and me to split.

Here are some tips in setting up a garage sale for those who are interested in trying it out, too:

- Set up a date and time when you can dedicate gathering up all those assorted, old articles that you intend to sell in your garage sale, as well as being able to attend the sale.

- Plan just what items you intend to put in the sale.

- Decide whether you are going to hold the sale alone, or if you would like to have it with some other families.

- Be sure to have plenty of change on hand, both coins and paper money.

- You need to advertise and stick up hand written announcements a few days prior to the sale. Be explicit, concise and honest. Indicate specific place, date and time of the sale.

- Provide good descriptive details to avoid frustrating prospective buyers. Don't drop the price of antiques, whether these are in good condition or broken.

- See that you include kids' items in your sale. For example, doll clothing and accessories are always in demand, and dolls and stuffed toys are a hit with the kids. Remember that children are very persuasive when it comes to making their moms buy them something or just about anything they lay their eyes on.

- String up a clothesline to display any clothing items you may have.

- Set up card tables (or ping-pong tables) to display small merchandise. Set up these tables in a way that will leave sufficient elbow room for shoppers to browse without feeling crowded. Display your wares attractively. Make sure they are clean, usable (this is most important), and priced temptingly.

- Your prospective buyers are hunting for bargains. Don't let them down. Keep in mind that the items you put up for sale are those you no longer have any need for anyway and, therefore, whatever you get from these items is surely a welcome addition.

- Put a price tag on every item. This will save you a lot of time from answering all those "how much" questions.

- Make sure you have electrical outlets close at hand to test all electrical appliances - irons, hair dryers, electric razors, blenders, toasters, electric skillets, electric fans, coffee makers, rice cookers, etc.

- Price drinking glasses, cups and dishes in sets instead of individually. These pieces will sell faster this way.

- Records, magazines, paperback books and items that have titles, on the other hand, will sell more easily if they are price-marked separately.

- Sundays and the day immediately following paydays are the most ideal days to hold your garage sale.

Come on, set up your own garage sale. Decongest your home of those junk, pocket a few extra bucks, and have some fun all at the same time.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Mara_Bateman

Friday, July 20, 2007

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Yard Sales Just Aren't What They Used To Be

I went to several yard sales this past saturday and I tell you what ~~~~ THEY SUCKED!

I only spent about 5 dollars total. There just was nothing to buy. The stuff these yard sales had I would have thrown away and they were trying to sell it. The $5.00 I spent was at the last yard sale that had 5 dollar bag sale. I got a whole bag of candles and a set of curtains for my kitchen , some jello molds, and a seal a meal thing with a bunch of the bags. Really not even worth 5.oo!! oh well. Maybe next weekend will be better.

I think antique roadshow and ebay have ruined yard sales. Because everyone thinks that they have the next million dollar item. Or if you ask how much something is they say stuff like oh that is so much ," I seen it on ebay"! I am thinking and want to say~~ "Well , hey honey , if you saw it on ebay for that much ,than how come you aren't selling it on ebay???"

Friday, July 13, 2007

Great Yard Sale

I usually do not go to yard sales in the middle of the week. But our local church was having a sale that started on Thursday and I just had to go. They had a ton of stuff. A lot of it I could not use though, but I got some drinking glasses with Purdue on them, 2 pair of shoes that are new in the boxes, a few pieces of clothing, a lawn chair for 50 cents!, and some more items that were pretty cool. I also got a new in the box aroma therepy diffuser with the scents and all.
I love yard sales and will be going in the morning to some!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Garage Sale Idiots

This is what all of us "idiots" need! Really this is a handy book to have on hand. I keep one in my car.
At the low price that it is here you can have one too.

Monday, July 9, 2007

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Well here is the claim ~~~ Technorati Profile

Thank you for your patience.

Where are the good yardsales?

I actually went to a few yard sales this saturday! I was on my way to a meeting and stopped. Two of them were right next to each other in a VERY nice part of town ,but I was shocked when they did not have anything! Noone was buying anything. Most of the stuff they had would be stuff I would throw away. I did buy my son a book about Reggie Miller.
The next yard sale I went to was in a small church and they had table after table of items for $3.00 a bag! I got my baby 3 bags full of clothes and toys! They did not have anything else.
I went to another yard sale that just looked like they had thrown the stuff out at the last minute and nothing was priced. Which is a big no-no in my book! I saw some things I liked ,but because nothing was priced I did not buy anything. Come on people ~~ if you are going to have a yard sale ~ PRICE THE STUFF!

The Yard Sale Review

This is going to be where I can come and talk about yard sales, garage sales, and rummage sales that I have been too. I will be "reviewing" them! I will tell what they had and what was wrong or right about them. Hope that anyone wanting to have a yard sale will read this blog and get some pointers on how to have a good yard sale. I have been going to yard sales ever since I was 3 years old and I am now 36!! So I know a good yard sale. I have my own every year ,too. And I do try to follow my own advice. Let's see !