Friday, August 3, 2007

Yard Sales This Morning

I actually got up early this morning and went to the five yard sales that were in our local paper. I got 2 like new outfits for my baby , got him some great toys, my daughter got some great like new aeropostale jeans for school and they were only 25 cents a pair, She also got some great 1980's style red flats, and some great shirts. I even got me a couple of pair of jeans. I got my son a couple of movies, a baseball, and a basket ball hoop for his bedroom. A small one. I think we did pretty good and even had a little bit of my 20 dollar budget left over.
It was way too hot though. We were all soaking wet with sweat by 8 o'clock. 97 degrees!!
Tomorrow we are getting up for my daughters high school dance teams yard sale.
Another HOT day!

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